Graham McDonald Dip.Couns (MBACP) Counselling in Banbury, Oxfordshire

Client's opportunity for feedback. The following testimonials are from clients that have used Surviving to Thriving counselling in the past, I haven't added names, initials or location to protect their confidentiality.

"My experience with Graham has been nothing short of insightful and helpful. I came to therapy full of hesitancy and nerves, but Graham took every step to building a trustful relationship and created a safe space for me. He has given me the tools to combat the anxiety and depression I struggled with in everyday life. He has also helped me navigate some really complex issues that I felt I couldn't move on from has he's helped me feel like my best self again. Graham is kind, caring and also a good laugh, I was sad for our sessions to finish as I looked forward to them every week. However, as a result of the sessions, I feel far better equipped to enjoy my life and I am proud of the progress I've made on my journey. I am grateful for all of the help he has given me, and the support he continues to give if I need a check in every now and then."

"I started counselling with Graham a few years ago, very apprehensively and in all honesty, not expecting to get much from it. I had been struggling with my anxiety and low moods for years and everything for me was always the end of the world. Graham was patient, kind and above all non-judgemental. I saw him for around a year, making better sense of things and building better coping skills, until we both agreed that I was doing much better in myself and to see what it was like without regular therapy. Graham assured me that he was only an email away if I needed therapy in the future. I had further sessions with Graham some months later after a trauma I needed help getting through, and I honestly can't thank him enough for getting me through one of the worst times of my life. If you're wondering is counselling right for you, all I can say is give it a try. I really didn't expect to get as much out of it as I did."

"I have used Graham's counselling services several times when I needed a wise, impartial person to talk to. He listens carefully, then guides the conversation so you get clarity, understanding and insight. He's helped me untangle difficult situations, and I would recommend him without hesitation."

"Working with Graham made the world of difference to me after going through a difficult and unexpected break up. The therapy allowed me to open up on how I was feeling, and helped to see the positives from the situation I was in."

"Graham was my counsellor for around 3 years. Within that time he helped me work through various challenges in my life.
Having a safe space to talk, helped me to unravel some complex topics and Graham helped me to accept and make peace with certain aspects. The sessions were relaxed and friendly and talking to Graham felt easy, and this made it easier to talk about difficult concerns and issues.
I would highly recommend Graham, and wouldn't hesitate to book sessions in the future if I felt it was needed"


I have had problems my entire life that started as a child, from child trauma to anxiety etc. Covid hit and the build up of my anxiety took full control of my life, particularly medical anxiety! I stopped going out and suddenly became engrossed with medical health and my life day to day was unbearable.
Graham has helped me get through some of the hardest challenges I have had to deal with and on top of this has helped me to create a toolbox I can use when ever my anxiety plays up. This has become invaluable to me and thanks to his help I have got a lot of my life back, I now have a job I love thanks to the therapy I went through! On top of this I have a much better quality of life now and can do things I could only wish I could before his help!
Whenever I talk with anyone about the help I received, I always praise Graham for what he has done for me. Although Graham never takes the credit and likes to tell me that I am the person who achieved this I will always be grateful for him coming into my life and helping me work through my past trauma and getting my life back on track so in my view I know I helped myself but I will always feel no matter what that without Graham I NEVER would have been able to do it alone.
This man is an amazing person who is thoughtful, compassionate and above all professional in the way he will devise the most suitable plan to help with moving forward. When I'd have any setbacks, Graham is there to remind you that actually a setback is normal! I have sat and thought about how much he has helped me so many times to get through the roughest and deepest problems I have ever had to face and it still to this day amazes me at how well he has helped me achieve it.
I could go on and probably write a book about how amazing Graham is as a therapist. If you are having any issues with your own mental health or past trauma I would highly recommend getting in touch with Graham and can say that with a high level of confidence.


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